Events Planned in Turkey

Brand Ambassador: Prof. Ozan BAHAR Prof Bahar is veteran officer with SCI. He has been injured at 1998. After finishing his duty at Turkish Army, He had gotten an PhD degree and has become a faculty at Tourism Faculty of Mugla Sitki Kocman University. He has become a professor at 2013. He is the acting Dean at the Tourism Faculty now.

Turkish Society of Spinal Cord Disorders and International Spinal Cord Paralytics Associations will celebrate international SCI day on September 5th with a combined meeting. A panel discussion is being organized with a topic "Medical and social difficulties of being a spinal cord injured person". Prof Bahar and a PMR physician will give a speech for 30 minutes each. The chairmen of the panel will be the presidents of two societies. The doctors, SCI persons, their families and all public will be invited to the meeting. After panel there will be two workshops. One of them is flame art class by the International Spinal Cord Paralytics Associations. The trainers are SCI and trainees would be SCI and non SCI. The other workshop will be fitness for SCI people. The trainers are PTs and SCI athletes. A short video of the meeting will be broadcasted by social media (Facebook, instagram and twitter). The meeting is sponsored by Güven Hospital.

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