Events Planned in Serbia

The Union of parapleagia and quadripleagia of Serbia ( for the first time marked the 5th of September World Day of the Spinal Cord injuries and thus joined the number of over twenty countries that were marked SCI day. On the plateau of the Hyaat hotel, near SPIKS office in Belgrade, from 4 to 8pm is marked the day of the spinal cord injury, with the slogan "One day in my shoes - we live together, not one next to each other". Over twenty members of the SPIKS, wheelchair users, were interacting with citizens, children and all accidental passers-by. Persons with spinal cord injury were shared promotional material of SPIKS, gifts, chemical-pens, balloons ... and with every gift citizens were given a flyer with information on "05.09.-SCI DAY" -Spinal Cord Injury. Our members talked with citizens, took pictures and answered all their questions, most of which were "How did you get hurt?" and "Is the injuries persistent?" .With a smile which is free and with the sentence "Have a nice day", persons with disabilities welcomed our citizens and socialized with them.