South Africa

SASCA has also joined forces with the QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA) and have chosen prevention as the theme for the first International SCI Day launch on 5 September.  Eleven Private Rehabilitation facilities, as well as 7 Public Rehabilitation facilities throughout South Africa and one Public Rehabilitation facility in Namibia will engage with learners from local schools to spread the prevention message through talks, videos and direct engagement with rehabilitation professionals and members of QASA.  QASA prevention initiatives will also be utilised during this period, including the video on distracted driving:, and the Buckle-up stickers to encourage the use of safety belts when driving.
SCI Day Posters developed for the Day will be displayed at Rehabilitation facilities and in communities to highlight the importance of SCI prevention.  The posters will also be electronically distributed to all facility data bases.
Both QASA and SASCA have published information on the International SCI Day on their respective websites. 
A media release and interviews with the SASCA Chairperson and QASA CEO are planned.
Feedback on the events will be published in QASA’s Magazine, Rolling Inspiration.