Events in Romania

  • Academic Session Programme

  • A TV show "Closer to you" was broadcasted on July 28th which focused on the prevention of road accidents, including also advice to young people to avoid diving accidents. Its main message was "The fracture of the spine might be a fracture of the destiny"

    The video-clip is a small interview, and is in Romanian.

    The text below:

    "The Chinese medical tradition (stretched over a period of 5,000 years) puts social medicine and prophylaxis at the center of its goals. A doctor was appreciated to the extent that he could prevent diseases and their epidemic spread.

    In this regard, the articles posted on Facebook fall within the main goals of prophylaxis, focusing on young people: prevention of central nervous system injuries and serious paralysis (secondary to traumatic brain injury - after road accidents and/ or spinal cord injury - after imprudent diving in turbid or unverified waters), or the danger of deliberately "underestimating" drugs ("legal" ones, cannabis, etc.).

    Educational-prophylactic approaches begin to bear fruit. Following intense media coverage (Facebook and the National Campaign on Prophylactic Education broadcasted at national TV stations), the number of young patients who have suffered severe SCIs has diminished during the two consecutive years 2016 - 2017. The incidence of tetraplegia by diving was reduced by 26.8% in 2016 and by 39% in 2017 (compared with data recorded annually in 2011-2015)."