Events in Greece

The Hellenic Spinal Cord section (HeSCoS) of the Hellenic Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine society (HSPRM), celebrated the 5th of September World SCI Day with several actions across Greece.

Our actions before, during and after the second SCI Awareness day, took place in the following towns of Greece: Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and Amyntaio of Florina. There were press release concerning the day, sound messages to the local and national radio and TV channels, and references to newspapers and internet. Additionally, several interviews have been given by members of HeSCoS and individuals with SCI.

In Athens, events were held with the collaboration of the Pan- Hellenic Association of Paraplegics and the Hospice for Neuro- Disability in Athens. Ninety posters were printed and exposed in central points of the city, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and primary health centres. The event was presented in several Athenian radio stations and reports were presented in several internet sites during the next days.

The main event took place at the Hospice for Neuro-Disability in Athens and included interactive lectures among physicians, people with SCI and their caregivers, and the public. The presentations foster active discussion from, and among, the participants coordinated by Dr. Christina-Anastasia Rapidi and Dr. Yannis Dionyssiotis.

Several actions have been planned in Patras for the awareness SCI day. Seventy posters were printed and exposed in central points of the city. Events took place during the whole day of 5th of September at square of King George, a central and popular place of Patras. Brochures were distributed to passers-by informing for enhancing public awareness concerning SCI. Interactive discussions, coordinated by doctor Athanasios Kyriakides, took place between local authorities and people with SCI.

Finally, art exhibitions, motivational talks and personal testimonies as well as presentation of regular activities were carried out. Extensive reports of the event were presented in the next day's newspapers.

In Thessaloniki, events took place during the 82nd Thessaloniki International Fair (TFI). Every year during TFI the Panhellenic Association of Paraplegics (Macedonia-Thrace section) has a special presentation and organises many events enhancing public awareness concerning SCI. At an information desk/booth, a special reference to the World SCI Day will be made by relevant brochure and ISCoS' video screen projection.

In Amyntaio of Florina, events took place at the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Centre of the town including interactive discussions among the multi-professional rehabilitation team of the Centre, people with SCI and their caregivers. Leaflets were distributed for enhancing public awareness concerning SCI on 5th of September and the following days by the rehabilitation team of the Centre.

The International SCI Day was an excellent opportunity to highlight the important contributions that people with SCI can make to society and raise awareness of the issues and challenges of living with SCI in today's world.

It was an opportunity to state with determination: 'YES WE CAN'

'YES WE CAN' was the motto for every event. During the above events ISCoS videos for prevention and a video titled: "Inspiring the logo for the World SCI Day" which has been created by Mr. Katagas for the SCI Day, were presented.

The HeSCoS during the day, endorsed people with SCI in InSCI survey in cooperation with associations of people with SCI.