Czech Spinal Cord Society

The Czech Spinal Cord Society (CzeSCoS) brings together professionals who take care of SCI individuals. It has a several objectives:

  • to strive for medical and rehabilitation care for people with spinal cord lesions in accordance with modern findings in the field of medicine, psychology, and ethics
  • to strive for a life-long follow-up of people with spinal cord lesions
  • to support sharing of knowledge about treatment and rehabilitation of SCI patients with medical professionals
  • to support education of the general public including spreading information preventing spinal cord injuries
  • to support co-operation among all professions involved in the care for people with spinal cord injuries
  • to support professional and friendly contacts with international institutions

The CzeSCoS contributes to organizing a biennial spinal cord conferences and ISNCSCI/SCIM/Walking tests courses. It also prepares guidelines and collects statistical data about SCI in the Czech Republic. It is also an important partner for health insurance companies, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.
Executive Committee:
Jiri Kriz, MD, PhD, President
Spinal Cord Unit, University Hospital Motol, Prague

Jaroslav Sram, MD, Vice President
Trauma Center, Regional Hospital Liberec, Liberec

Marie Kulakovska, MD, Secretary
Rehabilitation Center, Kladruby

Zdenka Faltynkova, PT,OT, Treasurer
Czech Paraplegic Association, Prague

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