Message from SCI Day Committee, ISCoS






We are all aware that there is a substantial gap between “the possible” and that “actually available” to the people living with spinal cord injury. Many spinal injured people across the globe are deprived of an inclusive life which is otherwise possible. In addition not enough is being done for the prevention of these devastating injuries.

Just creating awareness can go a long way in changing this scenario. Fortunately this does not require a large economic resource. ISCoS has a membership of over 1,000 from 87 countries and has 19 affiliated societies. If all members and affiliated societies of ISCoS take up some suitable activities on Spinal Cord Injury Day we would move forward surely and steadfastly with this important objective. This initiative will not only help in prevention of this devastating ailment but also help persons with spinal cord injuries live a purposeful and meaningful life. We will simultaneously pursue with other societies and global organisations like WHO to recognize the Spinal Cord Injury Day so that it could be made a true global movement.